10 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Handle for You

When you’re starting up your business, one of your major goals is to grow it and you need to delegate like this tasks a virtual assistant can handle. To do that, you need to have enough time to plan. By planning, you will not only save more of your time and efforts but also see great options on cutting down expenses like considering virtual assistant roles.

With the increasing number of virtual assistants or virtual staff in different types of businesses, it is quite obvious that your company needs some of their services, if not all. There can be diverse virtual assistant roles, but below are some of which you can start with.

10 tasks a virtual assistant can handle

Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Handle
Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Handle
  1. Clean out your inbox. There are in all probability newsletters, junk mail, and piles of different emails sitting in your inbox at once, hiding all the worthwhile shopper emails which will truly cause you to cash. A VA will filter out the less helpful things and, if you offer him some autonomy, answer the a lot of basic emails.
  2. Handle the nuts and bolts of beginning a replacement project. whereas you would like to be hands on to really land a project, all the rear and forth necessary to urge the project discovered (getting approval on a contract, obtaining basic data, and therefore on) are often handed off to a virtual assistant. betting on the scale of your client’s company, you’ll bet that the pinnacle of the corporate isn’t handling details on his finish.
  3. Send nagging emails. With some shoppers, having to send reminders may be a reality of life. you would like to send reminders regarding invoices, regarding data you would like and everything else. you will simply ought to cut and paste an email and send it, that isn’t a very effective use of your skills.
  4. Schedule appointments. It looks like it will take days of back-and-forth emails to schedule a rendezvous generally. When you’re giving a virtual assistant some autonomy to handle your email inbox, hand over your schedule moreover. As long as you tell your virtual assistant when to not schedule appointments, she will handle obtaining them set on your calendar.
  5. Research potential shoppers. It’s smart follow to try to to some due diligence on any shoppers you’re considering operating with. A decent virtual assistant to make phone calls will run those Google searches that we tend to merely skip once we get busy.
  6. Double check your work. Once you’ve been observing a project long enough, your eyes will begin to glaze over. A virtual assistant will step in and make certain that you’ve got all the bits and items that the shopper initially asked for before you send it on.
  7. Repetitive components of your work. I even have one shopper who i want to line up blog posts for in an exceedingly fairly repetitive manner (employing SEO techniques, adding graphics and therefore on). instead of taking time far from my writing, it’s straightforward handy these repetitive and formulaic tasks off to a virtual assistant.
  8. Social Media Management. The need to follow up or update your Twitter account, Instagram posts, LinkedIn, Facebook pages, Pinterest, and the like, can also be time-consuming. You need to reply to comments from readers, customers, and potential clients if you want to be effective. To minus your work overload, you may utilize your virtual staff who knows how to handle this kind of assignment. Most social media management VAs are up to date with the most important trends, issues, and policies on social media. Thus, you get yourself a free time to work on your most demanding projects and be able to make it to your deadlines.
  9. Data Processing and Bookkeeping. This is one of the many virtual assistant roles you can hire for. It’s of great relief for you if you have a virtual assistant who can process raw data into amazing presentations and editions according to your business need.
  10. Calendar Management and Time Zone Navigation. If your business involves liaising with clients from different parts of the world with different work schedules or time zones, this can be a source of high stress for you. With the right virtual assistant on your team, this can be alleviated. Let your virtual worker do the travel research, plan events, travel booking, scheduling of meetings and appointments with different clients. As Kramer Harrawood said, “It’s about being comfortable and letting go of that calendar.” That way, it would be easier for you to plan and do more for your growing business.

Now that you have read at least five virtual assistant roles that you can outsource, why not start hiring your first VA? Once you do that, you can have your much needed time to manage the most important parts of your business. There are more roles and tasks you can assign to a virtual assistant, and here at Professional Virtual Assistant, we make sure our virtual workers have proper knowledge and training.

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