4 things you must do to be successful on social media, yes! it includes LinkedIn


Have you ever wondered why you don’t sell your product on social media? You may not have taken any of these steps to be successful with your products. Social selling directly impacts sales.

According to research from Hubspot, when salespeople adopt social selling at an organization, the win rate, and deal size rises 5% and 35%, respectively.

In one B2B buyer survey conducted by Forbes/Researchscape, the study showed most senior executives are using social media for business purposes. In fact, the survey found that 83% of executives that choose a vendor on behalf of their company, use social media in their decision-making, and 92% of that segment said that social media influenced a purchasing decision within the previous year. As is true with most things, the best results come from consistency. Below we are sharing eight tasks your sales reps must do every day to win at social selling.

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Successful On Social Media

Be successful on social media

1. Grow Your Personal Brand

Buyers buy from people they know, like, and trust. Building a strong personal brand establishes those three factors.

You must make your brand known with actions carried out by you and give it a personality.

2. Join relevant social conversations like groups, forums, or blogs

Participation in social networks should extend from the publications themselves to those shared by others. You can choose an influencer to be an ambassador for your brand, but you must be careful with the audience the influencer is targeting. The influencer is an important part of your brand.

3. Social Selling and Prospecting

LinkedIn is the platform that shines in social sales, in this social network, there are all the people who need your products or services, you can also expand your network with the main directors of the companies. Instead of sending a cold InMail message, the sales rep can ask his or her contacts to introduce it warmly.

4. Plan and Schedule Posts

Plan the content, you should show customers valuable things, for example, tips, tricks, best practices, behind the scenes, frequently asked questions or highlighting a brilliant customer testimonial. Analyze your social networks, remove what does not work and focus your content on what does work. To sell on social networks!

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