Five tips for Hiring / Working with a Virtual Assistant


Having a Virtual Assistant is often a beautiful addition to your soloist business. Take the time to form the structures which will support it being a good expertise for each of you.

Be clear concerning what you wish your Virtual Assistant to try to do

The first factor I did was a brainstorm of all the activities I currently did that i might like somebody else to try to do. I then compiled a listing of all the items I wasn’t obtaining done that fell into 2 categories:
Things i might like my VA to try to to on behalf of me
Things that I needed to try to to once I had longer (thanks to my VA absorbing existing work).
“the primary factor I did was a brainstorm of all the activities I currently did that i might like somebody else to try to do. ”
This allowed me to seek out a Virtual Assistant that had skills and skill to match my needs.

Articulate your personal quirks

As a soloist such a lot concerning the manner I worked was within my head – like how i favor my day structured, what my response times to enquiries are and the way I word my piece of email. Having somebody else to figure with meant I required articulating all of those things that is less complicated said than done!

Be specific with directions and deadlines

This may appear to be stating the plain however it never ceases to amaze me what percentage folks issue letter of invitation for work to be relinquished a deadline connected. Then they get irritated when the work isn’t completed after they need it! Deadlines are often as specific as ‘Wednesday 3pm’ or as general as ‘by the top of this week’; simply make sure you have one.
You also have to be compelled to be specific with directions because it reduces the possibility of miscommunication or error. Remember, a lot of of what you are doing is habit and you can’t assume somebody else can suppose constant manner you are doing.

Agree on work flow processes

Spend time within the early stages of your operating relationship agreeing on work flow processes. How can you share information? How can you guarantee things don’t slip through cracks or get double handled? How can you issue directions – verbally or in writing? can you send requests as they happen or save them up in batches?
Discussing these items up front can minimize the possibility of things going wrong.

Be willing to discarding

I am a self confessed management freak. The foremost difficult factor on behalf of me was to discarding of tasks and trusts my VA to try to do a good job. I didn’t need to drive my VA crazy by continually checking on work and timelines. To assist soothe the management freak inside me; we have a tendency to created processes that guarantee I’m updated often on the progress of labor.

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