The importance of the script in the issuance of calls


The script is the main work tool of a call forwarding agent. It is the text that guides the call, a script that collects the information that must be communicated to the potential client, although when making a successful script there are many variables to consider.

The writing of a script must serve two audiences, the client and the agent who is going to carry out the broadcast campaign. In the latter case it is especially important, because it is not usual for the agent to write his own text. Focusing on this point, what are the characteristics of an ideal script according to telemarketers?

An adequate text will be simple and concrete, it will go to the point and give the necessary information, neither more nor less. We will assume that the client has little time and even less willingness to answer our call, so we must be able to get their attention by providing relevant information as soon as possible. Telemarketers positively value short and interesting texts for the client over long presentations with information that will make the client disconnect, get bored, or directly end the conversation.

Agility and simplicity are two of the attributes that cannot be missing in a good call script

Script In The Issuance Of Calls
Script In The Issuance Of Calls

“You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression”


The first impression is also important on a call.

For this reason, the first words with which an agent introduces himself, the tone and the rhythm of the presentation determine in part whether we will be heard or not. As in real life, the person we approach can decide to give us their time or not, and the first contact has a lot to do with this decision. Telemarketers recommend avoiding long introductory paragraphs, so as not to bore the customer with irrelevant data or technical details.

Keeping it simple

Regarding the language, we will prioritize a natural and simple language, not bombastic or excessively technical. This point has a lot to do with giving the feeling that there is a person on the other side of the line, not a machine. Without falling into a vulgar registry, the script will be correct and polite but close if we call individuals, and with different levels of technicality when calling companies, if the campaign requires it.

On this, a note, telemarketers are professionals in their field but not necessarily experts in all areas of economic activity. The technical vocabulary should not go beyond specific agent training for each issuance campaign in order to avoid questions from customers that the agent cannot answer.

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A text written to be read aloud needs some special conditions that differentiate it from other types of text. It should be snappy, with no words that trip up the agent. It needs to be easy to say, with the necessary pauses and avoiding alliterations. It should sound good when heard, so it is necessary to try reading it out loud several times and by several people to test it. In addition, the intonation of the agent is of great importance, because a telemarketer without energy or with a bored voice can destroy all our efforts to create the perfect script.

As a final recommendation, it is interesting to have the possibility of adapting the script to each call and each client. Calling a technology services company is not the same as calling a campaign aimed at the elderly. The agent will have to know how to adapt the script to each recipient of the call, always without losing information.

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