Virtual Assistant to Monitor Message Boards

Message boards are some of the best way to casually put yourself and your company on the net, as well as have consumers give feedback (whether they realize it or not). Not only should your own web page have a message board, but you may want virtual assistant to monitor message boards of similar products and services to see what is being said about your competition. You can even plant messages to try to steer people away from one product and towards your own.

Virtual assistant to monitor message boards

Virtual Assistant To Monitor Message Boards
Monitor Message Boards

The problem with using message boards is that they are very time consuming. The message boards of popular sites can have hundreds of messages, dozens coming in daily and you have to be on the site at all times in order to keep up.

This is not only tiring, but time consuming, leaving you with less time to commit to your work in your business. In fact, if your message boards are busy enough, it can be a full time job, or nearly, just to keep up with them; especially if you have your fingers in several.

Instead of having to bounce around different message boards and having your time thoroughly monopolized, hire a virtual assistant to monitor message boards instead. Then your hired virtual assistant can write back to you about what was said and what the general feeling was about the topic at hand.

This will give you the information you need without you having to go through a lot of messages (some of them useless) before getting the information you need. Sometimes a message board may not have anything new and you don’t want to waste time checking them when you could be doing something more productive.

Virtual Assistant To Monitor Message Boards
Monitor Message Boards

If you have a virtual assistant monitor the message boards, you can simply get the information you need and not have to spend hours on different boards tracking it down. Your virtual assistant can even research other message boards for competitor information or for third party information about your company.

Message boards are goldmines for information, ideas, consumer comments, and complaints; but they can take a while to sift through and this is time you could be spending on bettering your company.

Instead of spending large chunks of your days on the message boards, hired a virtual assistant to do the work for you and then you can simply collect the end results. That way, you’re getting everything you need without wasting time or energy.

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