What We Do in We Make Your Calls


What we do in We Make Your Calls. First of all, no Virtual Assistant can do any work without any active campaign so we must go backwards a little bit more.

Usually large corporations and well-positioned industries will already have a set team of Tech Support or Marketing staff, their job is to either make calls to help out any customer or find new ones. A very important detail to all of this is the CRM (Client Relationship Management) usually they will hire a third-party CRM and very few times will they spend the time and resources to create their own.

And that’s what we do (we’ll talk about what you do in a bit) we offer a fully functional CRM which individuals or companies may rent out to us while they hire their own Marketing or support staff.

What We Do
Our Crm

But then who are they going to call? Leads?

Leads aren’t just magically created nor do is it a good idea to grab a phonebook and make random calls until one potential client just connects. Some companies (such as our very own) make use of metadata from websites to generate a Leads List, Each website collects the data from each individual, some data is free to acquire, some others charge a fee.

The Leads may have potentially clicked on a product or service of their interests and through a search funnel, the leads are thinned out. You can also make your own man made List by viewing every individual Like or comment on a Social Network and investigate a potential customer.

Once a customer has both a Virtual Assistant and List (which we do hope they would purchase from us) What’s next is the Script. A sales pitch. A spiel which will entice potential customers to do business with us.

The client may very well have their own one, or we may have to come up with one, regardless a seasoned assistant learns and knows that a Script is merely a guide. Every assistant slowly begins to use themain idea and adds on to the phone calls, words or phrases of their own. The language which makes them feel more at ease.

What We Do In We Make Your Calls
What We Do

What we do during phone calls

During phone calls, a Virtual Assistant is on his or her own (aside from internal monitoring) calls are just between potential customers and Assistants, so the script must be properly learned and all doubts must have been dispersed by then. Calls will mostly be negatives.

But don’t let this discourage you! About 1 out of 100 calls are actual sales. So be ready to find the needle in the haystack! A virtual assistant which is being monitored may ask for feedback at any moment. Also during monitoring, a VA can ask about their current campaign to learn more and perform better during conversations.

The rest will be up to the client. Every Appointment made is the directy dealt by the Client and it is up to him to conduct business in everyway that they see fit.

But who are our clients? If not big corporations, since they already have a cold calling division, then our customers consist mainly on your average Joe. Small One to ten people businesses. Who is just lifting off in their entrepreneurship and can’t really spend a lot of money on a Commercial CRM, even less on hiring a staff of cold callers.

That’s where we come in. By localization we can offer our services at lower prices; But that does not translate to lower quality, we trust our Virtual Assistants to be the best and offer a competitive salary… well at least so for living in México. So It is by far a win-win situation. They get excellent service and our company receives income in Foreign Currency.

And then? Rinse and Repeat, Search for potential clients, Update and maintain our Custom Homemade CRM, And practice, our tone, our vocabulary, our grammar. Improve every day to be the best.

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