Who Invented The Call Center?

Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, a Danish mathematician named Agner Krarup Erlang began to study telephony and all its aspects of programming. Over time, he created a study that became known as “Erlang’s formula”. He is so well known about these indicators that he has his own website dedicated to these studies. This study is the beginning of programming thinking that has advanced over all these years.

Who invented the call center?

Who Invented The Call Center
Call Center

In his formula, the mathematician was able to systematize any and all equipment that receives traffic, perfectly applying his formula to call centers. Telephony, which was just a way to communicate by voice and distance, was the first development used to gain other technological possibilities. The fax was created after the development of these Agner Kraup’s studies. However, his studies were not simple.

It takes a complex study of programming to be able to systematize this whole issue around telephony, so, it took years and years of research and simulations to start generating a minimal network that receives more than one call at the same time. In the middle of the 20th century, engineering and its diverse areas were discovered, which further transformed telephony into a true call center.

Who Invented The Call Center
Call Center

It was there that in the 1960’s the call center was created, with its first experiences in England. There were small service relationships made in the first year between companies and consumers. In the 70’s, there was already a larger number that chose to opt for such a service and the calls offering products became a reality.

The most famous entrepreneur in the world, Henry Ford, created a telephone campaign that reached millions in North American. It was the first major insertion in the history of the call center at a professional level.

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