Why a INVESTORS need to hire a virtual assistant?

As an Investor you know what a goldmine the foreclosure market is.  Where else can you find so many motivated sellers!  And the discounts, they are there for the taking. 

I’m sure as a savvy investor you have already worked with short sales.  So I don’t have to explain the amount of paper work that goes into one short sale.  I also don’t have to remind you of the hours spent on hold, trying to reach your loss mitigation negotiator.  You know how time intensive short sales can be, but you also know how lucrative they are.

If only there were a better way.

Investors Need To Hire A Virtual Assistant
Investors Need To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Well, there is!  Outsource your short sale negotiation, and free up your time to pursue signing up new foreclosures, and assessing current offers and counteroffers that’s why investors need to hire a virtual assistant. It is so easy.  You sign up the homeowner and then forward the needed documentation along with your initial offer to your virtual short sale assistant.  We take it from there. 

Your virtual short sale assistant applies for short sale status, submits your short sale package and then keeps in constant contact to facilitate getting a negotiator assigned and getting that important appraisal done.  Now your in a position to start negotiating.

Your virtual short sale assistant will send you a weekly update that includes all the contact information for your loss mitigation negotiator, notes on all conversations and updates as to the status of your short sale.  When you reach the point of counter offers you are notified of all counters or requests for additional documentation in real time.

What that means is…  if we receive a counter offer, request for updated or additional documentation or any change in status you will immediately be notified by email.

Call us today so you can start spending your time making decisions.

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