5-Step Guide to working with a virtual assistant

Working with a virtual assistant (VA) he’ll be taking care of small and repetitive tasks, you’re freeing up your time to focus on very important things that create extreme value to your business, or bring the most long-term benefits to your life. If you want to get the most of hiring a virtual assistant, here the five steps that can help you bring quality results

5-Step Guide to Working with a Virtual Assistant

Working With A Virtual Assistant
Working With A Virtual Assistant
  1. Determine why and what you really want from a virtual assistant: This is very important to consider before hiring a virtual assistant. Many businessmen don’t get what they want from virtual assistants because they are not very clear why and what they hope to get, right off the bat. Think about your top priorities and be clear about the tasks and projects you want to delegate to your virtual assistant.
  2. Be clear about what you want your VA to accomplish: It’s essential to define the tasks clearly and to talk it out twice in details if necessary. For example, if you want your virtual assistant to manage your WordPress blog, this certainly requires a different skill set, which is something your VA should have.
  3. Come clean on deadlines: Deadlines are something crucial when it comes to teaming up with a virtual assistant. Just tell them what you need clearly and when you need them clearly, as well. Real pros in virtual assistance will appreciate you if you follow this, and this can also help them to form a good working habit.
  4. Learn how to give feedback: When a project pans out well, you have to absolutely tell your virtual assistant. And if the tasks are not done as what you have expected, you have to tell the VA about it, too. Giving feedback is the best way to help each other achieve the results you want.
  5. Always remember the “why”: Never forget the main reason why you hire a virtual assistant. You employ one because you want to do the things you love like spending quality time with your family and friends, or doing core tasks to grow your business. Take time to know if you’re really doing your part.

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