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We are a virtual assistant company that helps businesses get more clients, improve sales and increase profits. We Make Your Calls is an experienced Virtual Assistant and Sales Services Center offering strategic client information mining for your company through customer phone calls, interviews and customer follow-up Our service allows you to focus on what you do best: Growing Your Business. Our highly skilled team of professionals will care for all your needs. View All Services and improve your business with virtual assistant services .

A Virtual Assistant Is Really That Good?

Maintaining a business and making it profitable has become more and more difficult with the pass of time and the growth of the business itself. Business owners and managers juggle business appointments, taking calls, and so many other obligations they must attend to. A leader in a business must become “all things to all people” and it doesn’t seem like the job of one person.

Public relations, maintaining production and finances, keeping shareholders and partners informed with progress and sales reports, well, it’s crazy if the tasks are delegated to just one person. That is why tasks must be delegated to others. But then comes the problem if they hire more people, because now you have to spend time to train them and manage their schedules and work.

Every entrepreneur or business owner knows very well how difficult it can be to ensure that the flow of work is not obstructed and thus production levels remain stable. Now imagine when an employee resigns. At that time, the tasks must be covered until you find another person to replace that employee and all while paying salaries, benefits, taxes, rent, paying public services, etc.

On the other hand, if you are just starting your business and work without employees, then you are investing good time in it. Surely you have already achieved some successes and you are getting excited about it, but if you have a partner at home, surely they will already be starting to claim you for the little time you spend at home. It seems that you are missing from your life as a couple or family.

Maybe you already have employees, maybe you are still working on your own. Be that as it may, you need to seriously consider the idea of ​​supporting your tasks with a virtual assistant.

Why do you need a virtual assistant?

Let’s start with the costs. When you have an employee, they need a designated workplace in the office. He requires facilities, computer equipment and of course, an employment contract to pay them every week on time. It doesn’t matter if they work a lot, a little, or call in sick, you have to pay.

On the other hand, a virtual assistant does not need facilities or a place to work in your office since he already has it designated in his own home. You don’t have to pay every week and you can save on legal taxes because virtual assistants work independently. There is no lost work, they are paid according to the time they work.

We Make Your Calls
We Make Your Calls

What functions does the VA perform?

The best thing about hiring a virtual assistant is that you can find a wide variety of talents, mainly in basic business administration services. At WeMakeYourCalls we focus on:

  • Virtual assistance
  • Social advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Web design and development
  • Website consulting
  • Chatbot automation
  • Web maintenance
  • Social media marketing

If you need to cover basic office needs, you can also use a virtual assistant for that.

You can always find an assistant who has a specialty. Design, research and even project management can be carried out by our work team. You just need to ask or schedule a call with our team to adjust to your needs.

The advantage of having a virtual assistant is that you make the contract with conditions that you establish yourself and for a defined time. It can be for hours or for days. You do not pay beyond the time they are going to work, that is the main advantage, you are no longer going to pay for rest periods or holidays that are paid twice.

In fact, they will be working from the comfort of their home which is the place where they like to be doing what they like to do.

How can this be of benefit to you?​

This translates into zero worries, since the time they are going to work is already established and that is what you will pay.

A regular employee usually takes longer on a project to have less things to do and this is reflected in more money spent from your pocket.

I think you can already see the difference and the benefits that hiring a virtual assistant can bring. You can see all the money and hassle you are going to save. The variety of solutions and benefits is immense: schedule a call with us, you won’t regret it.

We Make Your Calls
We Make Your Calls
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We Make Your Calls is an experienced Virtual Assistant and Sales Services Center offering strategic client information mining for your company through customer phone calls, interviews and customer follow-up.

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